Album (EP)

Compilation of a mixtape has been confirmed. The mixtape will be released late September and has me (mohfreak) and Micros Blake. Other artists will not be disclosed now. The compilation is named ‘Thotful Thursday and the art will drop during the week. Keep posted and please share πŸ™‚ thank you.

Just Another Blog.

I know, you’re reading this probably wondering; what does this blog have that’s different from the rest. My answer to that? I’m just another blog, trying to share art. I’m art. all from the heART. Yet another misfit trying to create, inspire and erupt.

Am I going to ask you to view my blog? no. Inspiration and interest is what can only lead you to my work; photography, drawings and music.

Contact me if interested in my work at Email:Kgotlaa@gmail.com
Twitter: MohfreakRap
Instagram: MohfreakRap
Facebook: Kgotla Andrew Motshoge


Twitter: Swimma_Boi and MicrosBlake
Instagram: Dopeboi_Kgosi and MicrosBlake
Facebook: Kgosi Molefinyane and Micros Blake/Thabo Bonang